Vital Weekly Review: Live at Generator

Thomas Dimuzio must be a household name, at least by those who dive into the real ambient industrial thing. His 'Headlock' LP (later CD) is a classic, and his various collaborations include those with Dan Burke. He's been around since the early 80s creating some densely layered electronic music in his home studio. It may seem he's been around for ever, but only in 1990 he gave his first concert. This was at the then legendary, now mythic, Generator Experimental Music Gallery, ran by Gen Ken Montgomery. Dimuzio's debut concert is just released, digitally cleaned, as a CDR on Generator, Gen Ken's recent label (on his previous label, Headlock was released as a LP). In six pieces, spanning just under 40 minutes, Dimuzio creates his dense layers, built on sampling, feedback, electronics and shortwave. Especially in 'Phraxis' these shortwaves can be heard, and he plays them in a true Nicolas Collins style. In this ancient recording, Dimuzio sounds raw and fresh and the refined sound textures that he currently creates are only present at very few occassions. Maybe this lack of subtle music is something that is hard to understand or even enjoy these days, but the fact that this was a debut concert of many moons ago, made a good impression on me. Nice stuff. —Frans de Waard