The Wire Review: Louden

Louden remasters original cassette releases from 1987 and 88 (Delineation of Perspective and Flux) exploring noise processes not just as sublime tumult (although "Of Vast and Barren, Rotting Wastelands" has an undeniable magnitude) but through a more abstract analysis of process and technique. "Self-Proclaimed Contention (Without Variation)", using bass, microphone, processors and mixer, is a series of dynamic build-ups segued over each other: an endless take-off that conveys the velvet thunder of intergalactic spacecraft rather than Industrial screaming metal. Dimuzio's equipment includes samplers, analogue synths, E-bow, and tape recorder - the mixture of technical systems generating an intelligent vocabulary of power, impulse, velocity and rhythm. A nice foray into the experiential complexities of modernism. —Matt ffyche