Gench Releases: Dimmer "The Shining Path"

The Shining Path - Dimmer (Melon Expander) - Swallowing audiences with their dark explorations of sound, Dimmer specializes in a symbiotic sound process as they continually loop, reloop, sample and resample within an interactive feedback circuit linking both artists. For their debut CD, Dimmer melds their recursive circuits into rich and seething sonic masses with subtle waves pulsing sound within sound. Ripe with theme and variation, The Shining Path suspends the listener over dim and dank planes on an aural trip spanning and...

The Gench Concert Archives Features Thomas Dimuzio & Friends

The Gench Concert Archives collection includes solo and collaborative concerts with artists Elliott Sharp, Mitchell Brown, Chris Fitzpatrick, Scott Arford, Michael Thomas Jackson, and Anla Courtis. Experience each concert in its entirety as it unfolds from beginning to end. Available exclusively through Gench Music as CD-Rs ($8 each or five for $32) and as free MP3 excerpts below.

Thomas Dimuzio live samples and processes multiple sources of audio signals in real-time, much akin to a real-time digital musique concrete machine. Signal feeds intercepted from his collaborators along with...

$100 guitar project

After two years and 30,000 miles of travel, the $100 Guitar has come home! The $100 Guitar Project will be released as a double CD on Bridge Records on Jan 1, 2012. It is available for pre-order now on Amazon! The $100 Guitar Project In October of 2010, guitarists Nick Didkovsky and Chuck O’Meara bought a used $100 electric guitar online. They didn’t know what it sounded like or if it even worked, but were charmed by its no-name vibe. After receiving the instrument, they contacted a few friends about writing and recording a piece on the guitar.

Word spread quickly, and within weeks, the $100 Guitar Project was born. Over two years, sixty-five guitarists wrote and recorded a piece