• All About Jazz -

    This 2-CD set represents live recordings performed by trailblazing synthesist Thomas Dimuzio along with like-minded artists such as Nick Didkovsky, Fred Frith, Anna Homler, and others. To that end, the West Coast-based artist stretches electronics to the outer boundaries of comprehension. Dimuzio sometimes opts for a shock therapy mode of operations,... more

  • Citypages -

    TOP TEN 2002 ALBUMS:
    1. Neko Case, Blacklisted (Bloodshot)
    2. Avey Tare/Panda Bear/Geologist, Hollinndagain (self-released)
    3. Chris Bowden, Slightly Askew (NinjaTune)
    4. Jean Grae, Jean Grae (Third Earth)
    5. Thomas Dimuzio, Mono:Poly (Asphodel)
    6. Denali, Denali (Jade Tree)
    7. Casino vs. Japan, Whole Numbers... more

  • V.I.O.R. -

    Composer, multi-instrumentalist, sound producer of discs and designer, Dimuzio has long experience of electronic exploration and improvisation. His first own-produced cassettes go back to 1988 and, although he has to some extent remained relatively ignored, the years enabled him to refine a style with horse on the music concrete and noise. Moreover,... more


  • All Music Guide -

    As its subtitle indicates, Slew is "a compilation of compilation tracks," packaging together most if not all of Thomas Dimuzio's contributions to compilations between 1990 and 2004. The tracks range from the largely available "Never Steven" (from the Cuneiform CD Transforms: The Nerve Events Project) and "Radiotraces" (from Tzadik's Tom Cora tribute... more

  • BBC -

    When AC/DC suggested that "Rock n Roll Ain't Noise Pollution" they weren't being entirely honest. Noise (in the sense of non-pitched, extramusical sounds) is not only an essential part of Rock N' Roll (where would Hendrix or Townshend been without feedback?), it's now a genre in its own right.

    John Cage felt that noise was equal to any other... more

  • Clouds And Clocks -

    I'm gonna admit that, lately, something peculiar keeps happening to me: while listening to a record, I find myself absently staring into the void, then asking myself this question: "who could be the right listener for this album?" Being aware that times have indeed changed makes it difficult for me to ask "who could possibly buy this album?", the "... more

  • Leonardo -

    A difficulty inherent in this genre of electroacoustic music—its sources often sine wave generator or radio waves—are its inevitable science fiction associations. An interesting whirring animates "4 Poles" to suggest a black hole or collapsing suns emitting its radio signals, and in "Usher Substart" a tone gradually builds to suggest the traversing of... more

  • Pitchfork Media -

    Attending a Thomas Dimuzio performance is like lying underneath a web of freeway bridges with your eyes closed; blocking out all visuals except the brief daggers of light that flicker with each passing car. There is a sense of probable dread—metal, wooden or cigarette debris from the vehicles could fly off and injure you- but also one of hypnotized calm... more

The Teen-Pop-Noise Virus

  • Fanatic -

    Seeland Records is pleased to present The Teen-Pop-Noise Virus, one of the most absurd albums of all-time by Poptastic. The music, like the band itself, was spawned from the warped minds of experimental producers Chris Fitzpatrick and Thomas Dimuzio. At the core of their debut release are twelve intricately mangled songs, but in the spaces between,... more

  • Nitewise -

    Sometimes I feel that we SF Bay Area residents neglect some of the local talent in our frantic search for the newest, coolest thing from the east coast or Europe. However, as long time residents like me attest, there’s plenty of talent in this here town here. And San Francisco being the quirky enclave that it is, some of this talent is off the beaten... more

  • Pensantos -

    These crazy Californians have complied an album of songs that is truly profound and unique –but wait, that’s not what they intended to do? Poptastic’s mission statement (as found on their Myspace page): ‘Poptastic was created for the sole purpose of sampling itself into a collage—a version of a version of something unknown and inaccessible’–and the only... more

The Shining Path

  • The Wire -

    The Thomas Dimuzio's work has tended towards density recently, and in the company of tape loop manipulator Joseph Hammer (a veteran of various LAFMS affiliated groups), the drones are predictably weighty and forbidding. Dimuzio samples and processes both his partner's contributions and his own synthesizer and shortwave, with the results in turn feeding... more

Delineation of Perspective

  • Audion -

    Unlike Michael Chocholak's OWL MAN DREAMS, this Generations Unlimited release contains a more diverse and inventive collection of compositions and abstractions. Cyclic fragmentary and spacious moods are created on synths and other (often unrecognisable) instruments to create an unreal and oft frightening atmosphere. Although starting out like 'Chrome... more

  • Factsheet Five -

    Electronically altered music as part of the GU series of plainwrap releases. Dimuzio is interesting mainly for taking the human voice as another instrument; rather than lyrics, he mixes in vocal samples aloing with the clamour of the synthesizers. Extremely dense pieces that build to earshattering amounts of noise. —T/MG

  • File 13 -

    'Window Music' shows off Dimuzio's imaginative use of sampling technology. A bicycle bell, breaking glass, car horn, and a plethora of other samples are used in a manner which makes musical sense — this is not just a bunch of cool sounds. 'Blackened Prospects' is a dense conglomerate of sound that pulsates in 58 ways, like some spastic heart that got... more

  • ND -

    A very intriguing cassette from this Boston composer. Spirals and loops and at turns a very dense and ambient sound. Excellent building of electronic effects and shifts makes this a very beautiful work. Recommended. —Daniel Plunkett


  • Sonic Detours -

    Four soundscape pieces recorded live, in front of an audience, apparently, with one guy playing the "Orpheus Interactive Animation System." The first, "Chipped Teeth," is slow and scary and gets more so as it goes on, with unintelligible, sampled voices added later. Low-end, grumbled darkness. More of the same on "Murmur," which closes the side. The... more

  • Sonic Striations -

    Remote presents four more live recordings ranging from seven to thirteen minutes in length. Dimuzio skillfully blends an array of unearthly sounds into an often moody, very coherent whole throughout. Recommended.

Sone Songs

  • Electronic Shock Treatment -

    Thomas Dimuzio's Sone Songs (RZC-005) collects six live pieces from 1990, totalling nearly an hour of music. It's performed using digital samplers and processors, and tends towards the more ambient side of Realization's noise spectrum. It layers billowing clouds of quietly screeching noise against subdued fragments of voice and subtle rhythmic patterns... more

  • File 13 -

    As an electronic musician, Bostonian Dimuzio creates dense sound textures somewhere between space and industrial, using various samples and effects units. This cassette is live documentation of his entrancing performances, including pieces from Montreal's New music America festival, Pittsburgh's Over The Edge concert series, and the now-defunct... more

  • Sonic Detours -

    On this release Thomas uses digital samplers and processors along with 8-channel mixer and MIDI controller to produce direct to 2-track (live), dark, dense, yet rich sonic audio explorations. Enter into realms of the imagination set off by the smooth yet aggressive churning sounds this tape has to offer. The music (if I may call it) settles into strange... more

19th Monkey Schism

  • Sonic Detours -

    A mostly relaxing escape, employing electronics and synthesizer. Dimuzio recorded this work during a two-day stretch in December 1988. Spacey, shimmering, somewhat pristine soundscapes, occasionally interrupted by barrelling percussion. Very nice electronic ambience. —Bryan Baker

Live At Generator

  • The Sound Projector -

    Fab solo American noisenik whomps it up live with his vats of electric junk. You need more records by Dimuzio so why not acquire this one - 12 years old and a rare vintage too. Amazingly, for something with such a masterly and convincing delivery, this is Dimuzio's first ever solo concert. Gen Ken Montgomery recorded it at his Generator sound gallery... more

  • Vital Weekly -

    Thomas Dimuzio must be a household name, at least by those who dive into the real ambient industrial thing. His 'Headlock' LP (later CD) is a classic, and his various collaborations include those with Dan Burke. He's been around since the early 80s creating some densely layered electronic music in his home studio. It may seem he's been around for ever,... more


  • All Music Guide -

    This double CD is not necessarily more impressive than Dimuzio's earlier and stellar Headlock (which was reissued in 1997), but in spite of its increased length, it is probably the more focused and coherent work of the two. Headlock had a bit of a kid-in-a-candy-store quality to it ("so many sonic possibilities, so little time"), while Sonicism is quite... more

  • Feverpitch -

    Every once in a while I hear something that makes me want to give up making my own version of the ever-changing reality. This is one of those discs. The music is separated into two major titles, one on each disc: (a) Internment, and (b) Intermersion, with the second disc more powerfully expressing its theme. How can I describe this? Deep sonic booming... more

  • Opprobrium -

    Can't say I've bumped into any youthful contemporary hipsters clad in Dimuzio t-shirts buying a pint of milk down the local dairy, but you can safely extrapolate that if your CD cabinet houses recordings by John Duncan, Christoph Heemann, Michael Prime, or Jim O'Rourke, plastic can easily be rearranged to make room for a bit of Dimuzio product. Dimuzio'... more

  • Option -

    Dimuzio is something of a find. His double CD provides a wealth of diverse, thoughtful, industrial ambience. It would take practically the length of a review just to list Dimuzio's instruments, sampled sound sources and field recordings; the list would include not only guitars and synthesizers, but also clarinet, water spigot (!), short-wave radio,... more

  • Vital Weekly -

    The name of Thomas Dimuzio may not be unfamiliar to anyone with an eye open for the more serious composing underground artists. I particular liked his LP 'Headlock' which came out years ago. Dimuzio plays around with a wide variety of sound sources, including things we would recognize as instruments, like acoustic guitar and clarinet but also a wide... more


  • Audion -

    Thomas is not so much a unique dabbler in sound construction, though he is one of the most interesting working in this field at the moment, in the wake of Jim O'Rouke, Zoviet France, Hafler Trio, et al. LOUDEN is actually an anthology of older recordings from 1987 and 1989 (including four tracks from an old Generations Unlimited release) and it largely... more

  • Metamorphic Journeyman -

    Dimuzio uses the latest digital technology to create his up-to-the-minute concrete collages. In the past he's worked with people like Chris Cutler, Tom Cora, John Wiggins & Due Process. His sound is a curious combination of Industrial noise and almost film soundtrack-like composition. Immediate comparisons to the likes of Lull spring to mind, but... more

  • The Wire -

    Louden remasters original cassette releases from 1987 and 88 (Delineation of Perspective and Flux) exploring noise processes not just as sublime tumult (although "Of Vast and Barren, Rotting Wastelands" has an undeniable magnitude) but through a more abstract analysis of process and technique. "Self-Proclaimed Contention (Without Variation)", using bass... more


  • All Music Guide -

    Originally released in 1989 on David Prescott's very small U.S. independent Generations Unlimited label, this CD is much more than the standard backward look at the early, formative work of a mature artist. Indeed, this is already a mature work, even though it came early in Dimuzio's professional career. The ten pieces in the program more or less run... more

  • Option -

    This is one of those rare records where the artist takes the best qualities of other artists I admire, adds his own individuality, and seems to move everything up a notch. In varying proportions Dimuzio captures the excitement, careening adventurousness, and occasional harshness of Due Process; the shimmering sedation of Organum; and the primal, magical... more

  • The Wire -

    Growling, oscillating and convoluting its way through electric guitar, samplers, loops and tape samples, Headlock, originally released in 1989, takes traces of rock feedback, cut-up Improv and snatches of environmental recording, and then heatwelds them with digital precision of avant Electronica. Dimuzio bears comparison with DJ Spooky in his grasp of... more

Markoff Process

  • Ink Nineteen -

    To quote the liner notes, "Markoff Process features a series of concerts performed and recorded by Thomas Dimuzio during 1990 and 1991. All titles were improvised using an interactive system of digital samplers and processors with realtime control—no sequencers or backing tapes were employed."

    The results of this interactive improvisation are ten... more

  • ND -

    This CD is an impressive document which features excerpts from concerts by Thomas Dimuzio from 1990 and 1991 (such as performances at Generator, New Music America, Sonic Disturbance Festival and more). All tracks were improvised using a system of digital samplers and processors. Dimuzio has a unique touch, one that unburies a wealth of textures and... more

  • Vital Weekly -

    Dimuzio's LP Headlock from a few years back is much underrated and virtually unknown. His more recent cassette releases are unknown to me. His first CD contains recordings from several concerts using an interactive system of digital samplers and sound processors with real-time control - no sequencers or backing tapes were used. The ten pieces on this CD... more


  • Blogspot -

    According to the back of the album and the very detailed booklet that comes with it, the album is actually Mark Hostler (who wrote and performed all the songs) with hefty contributions by Negativland and Bay Area soundscapist Thomas Dimuzio, and all I can say is that this is definitely one of my favorite albums of the year. It's entirely songbased, and... more

  • Fanatic -

    “Thigmotactic” takes another path in Negativland’s many twists and turns throughout the musical wilderness, by going deep into song making territory with a project created mostly by one member of the group.

    Moving in a very different direction than other recent Negativland releases, and with a decidedly surreal bent, “Thigmotactic” is the first... more

  • -

    As for the new Negativland CD, it's my opinion that Thigmotactic takes another path in Negativland's many twists and turns throughout the musical wilderness, by going deep into song making territory with a project created mostly by one member of the group.

    Furthermore, I strongly feel that these fifteen songs and two instrumentals were written,... more

Upcoming Events

  • Brainwashed -

    It’s refreshing to hear an album of sonic abstraction that falls into neither of the following categories: minimalist drone, harsh noise, or crossover into other electronic realms. Not that there is anything wrong with those at all, I enjoy many works that fall into those aforementioned categories. But works like this collaboration between the Illusion... more

  • Fake Jazz -

    The cover of this disc is one of the best I've seen all year; a cadre of riot police, decked out and ready for action underneath an electronic sign, presumably for a public gathering space of some sort, that reads simply "Upcoming Events." Given this imagery and the typical tenor of No Fun's caustic catalog, one might expect something a bit more... more

  • Foxy Digitalis -

    Given the subtext of creeping fascism and the slow stomp of totalitarian boots, it is no surprise that the soundtrack for such upheaval, "Upcoming Events," is an angry mix of Industrial pounding, locomotive propulsion, and general sci-fi soundtrack eeriness. There is even a fairly long and maddening tape of an encounter with a police officer who only... more

  • One True Dead Angel -

    The fifteen tracks on this disc frequently bear a strong resemblance to the early work of Illusion of Safety, which makes sense when you consider that IOS founder Dan Burke is one-half of the noisemaking duo at work here. The source material was all recorded live over three nights in San Francisco, with Burke using a laptop, various objects, and sound... more

  • Tiny Mix Tapes -

    The image on the cover of Dan Burke and Thomas Dimuzio’s Upcoming Events depicts a group of police in riot gear, standing menacingly in front of Manhattan’s Madison Square Garden, the digital marquee behind them bearing the album’s title. The photo, I would guess, was taken during the 2004 Republican National Convention, when swarms of cops patrolled... more

  • Vital Weekly -

    The releases by No Fun Productions have certainly been fun, but mainly for the reviewer of all things heavy heavy noise concerned. Today I could inform him of the next four releases that are out, but only three will make it his way. I am quite surprised to see a release by Dan Burke and Thomas Dimuzio on this label, simply for the fact that I know these... more


  • Forced Exposure -

    Dan Burke is the leader of Illusion of Safety, the 'group' that succeeded perfectly the marriage between industrial and electroacoustic musics. Thomas Dimuzio has created since his first releases an unusual music made of electronics and electroacoustics with many energies. Bot have already released many records separately. Hz is made of extracts of live... more

  • Incursion -

    Released in 1999, Hz documents a series of live performances which took place in October 1997. The always adventurous and engaging Dan Burke, aka Illusion of Safety, here teams up with Thomas Dimuzio, an electronic sound artist probably best known for his releases on RRRecords (Sonicism) and Odd Size Records (Louden). Both artists have reputations for... more

  • Manifold -

    Dan Burke has called this one of his favorite works he's put out. Dimuzio is the guy behind Gench Studios, the place where so many experimental labels get their stuff mastered. HZ is a refined, driving, eclectic nightmare of beats, darkhop and odd sound tones and soundscapes. The listen deepens as it progresses, with varied layers of styles developing... more

Uncertain Symmetry

  • Chaindlk -

    San Fran's vintage experimental musician Thomas Dimuzio (read review of his "Mono::Poly" double CD on Asphodel records elsewhere on these pages) and NYC's Arcane Device member and audio/video artist David Lee Myers, have engaged into the coast-to-coast mail collaboration, which eventually lead to "Uncertain Symmetry", after the two played together at... more

  • Downtown Music Gallery -

    New York's David Lee Myers and San Francisco's Thomas Dimuzio shared a stage at Tonic in New York City in March 2001. It was Myers' first publicperformance in ten years, since he was known as Arcane Device and invented a feedback machine. This collaboration immediately sparked a year long regenerative process. The ensuing year-long project actually... more

  • The Wire -

    Some 12 years ago, West Coast electroacoustic composer Thomas Dimuzio and feedback sculptor David Lee Myers were working on a collaboration, when Myers abruptly dismantled all the feedback machines, which he had used on the stunningly bleak albums Also Sprach Zarathustra and Trout he made under the name Arcane Device, and ceased producing his brand of... more

  • Vital Weekly -

    Now this sounds like a very interesting collaboration: knowing Myers' work as Arcane Device and Dimuzio's more 'composed' work I was pretty curious as to how these two would work out things. As far as I can undertand from the liner notes, the original material was recorded by Myers, who then handed it over to Dimuzio for (re)sampling, (re)processing and... more


  • All Music Guide -

    Three years after Quake, Chris Cutler and Thomas Dimuzio came back with a second serving of confusing electrified percussion and sampling. If anything, this album goes even further in blurring distinctions between the two protagonists' contributions, between acoustic and electronic, between real-time performance and post-production. Dust consists of two... more

  • LA Weekly -


    Acid Mothers Temple & the Melting Paraiso U.F.O., In C (Squealer)
    John Luther Adams, The Light That Fills the World (Cold Blue Music)
    Add N to (X), Loud Like Nature (Mute)
    Alizadeh/Kalhor/Shajarian, Without You (World Village/Harmonia Mundi)
    Autechre, Gantz Graf (... more

  • Prog Archives -

    The second Cutler/Dimuzio collaborative album is a true masterpiece which takes the intriguing premise of Quake to a wholly unprecedented new level. Using only Cutler's electric drum kit, some electronics and a sampler (used to process Cutler's drums in real time as well as an instrument in its own right), the two musicians conjure one of those rare... more

  • Vital Weekly -

    This is the their second collaborative work, after 'Quake' (see Vital Weekly 195). I am, I must admit, a great fan of Dimuzio's work (more to review next week probably) and never much of Cutler's work, but that might still be just me and my ignorance. Like 'Quake' this new work was captured in concert, two of them. One in front of a live audience and... more


  • All Music Guide -

    Chris Cutler was the drummer in the classic art rock Henry Cow, and he has released a number of improv duets with various partners over the last decade, including Cow guitarist Fred Frith and electric harpist Zeena Parkins. Thomas Dimuzio is an electro-acoustic composer, whose noisy drone work Headlock has been recently reissued by ReR. All of Cutler's... more

  • Prog Archives -

    Chris Cutler and experimental electronic musician Thomas Dimuzio (who has played with 5UU's among others) first worked together in 1994, and since then they have worked sporadically as a duo. This album was recorded at two live events in 1999, and showcases a remarkable collaboration between two highly accomplished improvising musicians. Chris Cutler... more

  • SF Weekly -

    Adventurers who swim with sharks in the turbulent waters off Stinson Beach and then catch The Deep Blue Sea at the local multiplex are the same freaks you'll likely find at this rare concert appearance by veteran noise-sculptors Chris Cutler and Thomas Dimuzio. The show celebrates the CD release of Quake (issued on ReR Megacorp), a strangely... more

  • The Wire -

    Last year we saw the welcome reissue on ReR of Headlock (1989), the debut solo album by US electroacoustic composer Thomas Dimuzio, which is hallmarked by his sure handling of an expansive, yet detailed, sonic architecture crafted in the studio. However, Quake finds his samplers and processors feeding off Chris Cutler's percussion ('electrified' and... more

Preacher in Naked Chase Guilty

  • Factsheet Five -

    Every few months I receive a CD that I am truly excited about getting sent in for review. Usually it's from a band or performer that I've been following for many years.

    Chris Cutler have been very prolific over the years, and I probably have close to everything that he's worked on — from the early Henry Cow to the recent experimental improv stuff... more

  • Sonic Curiosity -

    Experimental music in a freeform cacaphonic vein by chris Cutler (from Henry Cow, and Art Bears), Thomas Dimuzio (American synthesist), and C.W.Vrtacek (from Forever Einstein). Utlizing instruments including lowgrade electronics, percussion, radio, digital sampler, analog sythesizer, processors, guitar and ray gun, this trio have produced a 44 minute... more

Hungers Teeth

  • Expose -

    Ever wonder what some of the classic progressive bands would sound like today had they maintained their edge and not grown lazy and comfortable and become caricatures of themselves ? Enter the 5UU's. Take the experimental rock spirit, add some influences in varying combinations from Henry Cow, Frank Zappa, Yes, The Beatles and Gentle Giant, mix it all... more

  • Gnosis -

    This album wasn't produced until 1994, making an eight-year gap since Elements. The band had, in the mean time, participated in the avant supergroup U Totem which was formed out of members of 5UU's and Motor Totemist's Guild.

    One positive change made in the time off is the bringing in of Bob Drake as the new lead vocalist. While his voice can... more

  • Rubberneck -

    Imagine Jon Anderson fronting an American avant-garde rock group (but maybe he did get close to the edge on parts of Tales and Relayer!). Hunger's Teeth is the most exciting rock album I've heard this year. No, not Anderson exactly, but Robert Drake's vocals do bear a striking resemblance to the Yes man's "angelic" tenor. Is this "progressive rock" for... more

Combine I-XVIII

  • Bananafish -

    Their new god which is a dry mark colored pencil ("Marky") fondles live wires of houses resouled for the bankrupt 'adopt-a-child' program and in the consciousness ensuing directs them to it's carbon headed nipple. The S.0.S. signals are picked up by SyncIaviiti brand sperm in different world labs and break out of the glass slide prisons they lay in to... more

  • Electronic Shock Treatment -

    This CD is built up from eIecronic sampling, crude noise machines, radio screech, and other like-minded electronic sounds. The three people who here comprise Due Process (Tom Dimuzio, Ron Lessard, and John Wiggins),seem to have forsworn any hint of environmental sound, opting instead for a soundscape that is entirely electronic based. There are 18... more

  • Option -

    Ahh. Here's some serious art damage that careens from ambient industrial to the astringent squonks, bleeps and clamor of '60s avant-garde to the angst-ridden sonic shards and noisy electronic reflections of the post-industrial mess we find ourselves in now. Featuring Tom Dimuzio, Ron Lessard (the man behind RRRecords) and John Wiggins, Due Process knows... more

All Broke Down Can't Be Fixed

  • Sonic Detours -

    To quote the extensive liner notes: "This tape preserves select moments of the Plasm's Vortex Travels harnessed from live cassette recordings of freely improvised musics; enhanced through the means of multi-tracking, digital sampling and stereo effects processing—although many cuts still remain in their original form." This should give you the general... more

Invisible Superstars

  • Just Like Music -

    One would presume that this name was in direct reference to the fact that this compilation is made up of tracks created by amazing artists that many people will simply never have heard of before. Minus Controller 7 (of recent “Get Ready For The Young Folks” 7″ fame) I honestly had never heard of anyone featured on this release before.

    The Secret... more

x+y=xy (10 Citas a Ciega)

  • Vital Weekly -

    Alku is a small CDR label which never cease to surprise the listener with new ideas. '10 Citas A Ciegas' means '10 Blind Dates'. Twenty artists were invited to send in a track of exactely two minutes, which was coupled to another one of two minutes. Alku made the selection for this combinations, so nobody knew what the final result would be. X+Y=XY... more

End ID

  • Brainwashed -

    It is both the end of the decade and the end of the century, so record companies are trying to honor this century with as many collections as they can. I'm not quite sure how this music directly relates to music and/or media in the 20th century but it is a fine collection of some of the most innovative current electronic music artists. This is a two-cd... more

  • Music News Network -

    Japan's Koji Marutani (who has appeared on several Touch compilations) gathers the electronic underground for this double disc look at the development of sound and technology in the 20th century. It is not only another chance to promote the scene working with digital noise, Mego's Rehberg & Bauer for instance, but also to equate experimenters coming... more

  • Remote Induction -

    End ID is a 2 CD compilation from the Japanese Digital Narcis label which is intended to reflect the technological innovations of the last century, particularly in reference to their bearing on sound art. To reflect this the 2 CDs gather a number of sound artists from around the world and they present their contributions - material ranging from... more

Links Outta Here

  • Generator Archives -

    LINKS OUTTA HERE contains sound works created in honor of Abigail Lavine by an eclectic array of acclaimed sound artists and musicians: amk, blackhumour, chop shop, Thomas Dimuzio, Peter Duimelinks, Egnekn, Leif Elggren, Emil Beaulieau, Russ Forster, The Haters, C. M. Hausswolf, John Hudak, Francisco Lopez, Daniel Menche, Gordon Monahan, Malcolm Riviera... more

  • The Sound Projector -

    A very good compilation of extreme noise and other oddities put together by Gen Ken Montgomery for his own limited-release artefact label. It's dedicated to Abigail Lavine, a woman who died in 1997 (of breast cancer I think), and known as the co-founder of 8- Track Heaven, a website dedicated to the joys of collecting 8-track cartridges. A long list of... more

  • Vital Weekly -

    On April the 1st of this year Abigail Lavine died of breast cancer. She was the girlfriend of Scott Konzelman (Chop Shop), and this CD is to support them. 23 tracks by friends, and two by herself on a lengthy CD. Among them we find a whole bunch of people from the noise scene, that includes many US ones, but also some Europeans like Leif Elggren,... more


  • Opprobrium -

    RRR's new compilation of noise-concretions features many of the genre's top-notch exponents, all putting in commendable performances. As one would expect, this ain't no dance disc; sounds instead being sculpted from a boggling array of Cageian environmental and manipulated sources - Nick Peck's airport sound scapes, John Wiggins' Negativlandian cut... more