Specializing in Sound Design, Post-Production, Mixing and Mastering

Specializing in high quality audio

Gench Studios is a professional mixing, post-production and mastering facility specializing in the needs of the independent artist, film-maker and record label. Deploying the best in analog and digital technology, Gench provides professional quality sound without breaking your budget. Count yourself among the numerous and satisfied artists and labels entrusting their productions and music to Gench. Mastering and mixing engineer Thomas Dimuzio brings decades of experience, golden ears, and an outstanding track record to make Gench the best choice for you and your music.

The extensive experience of Thomas Dimuzio entails the mastering of hundreds of audio CDs (including releases from Negativland, Isis, Matmos, Psychic TV/PTV3, Fred Frith, GG Allin, Xiu Xiu, clipping., The Work, Nick Didkovsky, Captain Ahab, Scott Amendola, Hawnay Troof, Horse Lords, and Why?); 5.1 surround film mixing for independent film productions (including The Cedars, In Lieu of Flowers, The Confessional, Mortuary, Our Favorite Things, and Fifth Form); post-production and audio restoration (including the film My Bloody Valentine, Fred Frith Live In Japan, and the back catalogue of Warner Jepson); vinyl premastering (for artists Matmos, Horse Lords, Due Process, Blevin Blectum, Kreamy 'Lectric Santa, Railcars, William Fowler Collins, Astral Skulls, Las Sucias and the scores of film soundtracks released by Waxwork Records featuring, John Carpenter, Danny Elfman, Will Freidkin, Ennio Morricone, Tangerine Dream, Keith Emerson, Goblin, Maurice Jarre, John Corigliano, and Lalo Schifrin), and sound design work for Lexicon, Kurzweil, Digidesign, Big Fish Audio, Sound Toys, Eventide, OSC/Rarefaction, and Hollywood film composer Paul Haslinger.