Gench Music Series: April 2014

Christina Stanley
Jim Kaiser
kamoto trio
Konoko Nishi
Moe! Staiano
Thomas Dimuzio
Thursday, April 10, 2014
468 19th Street
Oakland, CA 94612
United States
9 pm sharp $8

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468 19th Street , Oakland, CA 94612

Event Name

Gench Music Series: April 2014: Komoto Trio

Event Artisit Details

CHRISTINA STANLEY is a bay area based violinist, composer, vocalist and artist. She is active as a performer, improviser, electronic musician and teacher. She has performed throughout Europe, the continental US and Cuba as a vocalist, violinist and electronic musician. In addition to performing solo, Christina is currently a vocalist and instrumentalist in several new music operas and improvising ensembles. Her original painted graphic scores have been featured at the Outsound New Music Summit in San Francisco, Temple Ad Hoc in Los Angeles and Rock Paper Scissors Gallery in Oakland. She holds a BM from San Francisco State University in violin performance where she studied chamber music, studied theater at HB Studio in New York City and holds an MFA in Music Performance and Literature with an emphasis in improvisation from Mills College. She is passionate about working with living composers and composing new music.

JIM KAISER is a sound manipulator actively based in the San Francisco Bay area experimental music scene, in particular associated with a subset often referred to as the Miserablists. Distressed contact microphones, glass, metals, water, shortwave radio, reel tapes and field recordings are frequent elements of his compositions and performances, which are characterized by a sense of distant melodic undertones flecked with sporadic outbursts from failing equipment that become incorporated into the pieces. Elements of drone, Musique Concrète and film score are easily identifiable components in his group and solo work, examples found at his label website Petit Mal Music.

KAMOTO TRIO is an Bay Area noise and improv music group with an affinity for smacking, scraping, flicking, chucking and pushing sound around. The group started as a San Francisco Bay Area dank warehouse act with an original lineup of Kanoko Nishi (koto + styrofoam), Moe! Staiano (percussion + noise), and Thomas Dimuzio (electronics + radios) and has performed nearly a handful of times since their inception at Skronkathon in 2005. Four of the group's yet to be released LPs potentially charted among the Top 10 selling albums for five weeks in November and December, a record unmatched for more than 50 years, and the group still potentially ranks after half a decade in the all-time lists of many of Billboard's cumulative charts, including those for most weeks with a number 1 potential album, most total weeks potentially charting an album, most number 1 potential albums, most consecutive number 1 potential albums, and most top ten potential albums. Music historian Richie Unterberger never penned a word about Kamoto Trio.