Gench Music Series: March 2014

Illusion of Safety
Thomas Dimuzio
Thursday, March 6, 2014
9pm | $8
468 19th Street
Oakland, CA 94612
United States
Illusion of Safety Voztt Burke / Dimuzio / Evelyn Davis / April-Jeanie Tang Thursday Mar 6 Duende 468 19th St Oakland 9PM $8

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468 19th Street , Oakland, CA 94612

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Gench Music Series: March 2014

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Locking tightly on one side while pulling apart as polar opposites on the other, Dan Burke (Illusion of Safety) and Thomas Dimuzio are like two magnetic poles. Equally inspired by sound, noise, static, interference, transcendence, and song, this dynamic duo will summon the demons of hell while ascending to ethereal realms. Ripe with juxtapositions unfolding into long and intense suspensions, and even verging on melodicism as evidenced on their previous releases Hz (Sonoris) and Upcoming Events (No Fun Productions). “Quiet can be the loud, and loud can be the quiet - if someone can proof that point then it's Thomas Dimuzio and Dan Burke.”— Vital Weekly

Vozzt is an electro-acoustic duo, based in Oakland + San Francisco, CA, making music which straddles the disciplines of improvisation and song form. Jeanie-Aprille Tang is an audio visual artist + electro-acoustic composer/improviser, and member of improvisation trio Dapplegray, and IMA, a duo of alternative time perceptions. Her instruments are hardware electronics and plexiglass. Evelyn Davis is an improvisor, inside pianist/pianist, organist, composer, and songwriter, and vox/keyboardist for Cheer-Accident (Chicago).