Ghost in the House & Thomas Dimuzio

David Michalak
Ghost in the House
John Ingle
Karen Stackpole
Kyle Bruckmann
Thomas Dimuzio
Tom Nunn
Friday, April 18, 2014
8pm | $10
Berkeley Arts Festival
2133 University Avenue
Berkeley, CA
United States

8:00 - Thomas Dimuzio - Buchla, sampling, processing and looping

A composer, musician, mastering engineer and label proprietor based in San Francisco, Dimuzio has earned a deserved reputation worldwide as an avant-garde sound artist in touch with the aesthetic pulse of time and technology. He has collaborated with Chris Cutler, Joseph Hammer, Nick Didkovsky, Voice of Eye, Fred Frith, David Lee Myers, Wobbly, Negativland and others.

9:00 - Ghost in the House - Kyle Bruckmann - double reeds, John Ingle - saxophones, David Michalak - lap steel, percussion, Tom Nunn - inventions, Karen Stackpole - gongs,percussion

The music of Ghost In The House is a soundtrack for the subconscious. It could suggest a murder mystery, a visitation in a dream or a cataclysmic storm. Conceived by filmmaker & musician David Michalak, Ghost in the House explores ethereal and elemental soundscapes where music suggests an image. John Ingle will be our Ghost guest for the evening. “Dark and out there!!!" Richard Waters

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2133 University Avenue, Berkeley, CA

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Ghost in the House & Thomas Dimuzio